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Just a simple question,Can flocka come to the wal-mart in
Birmingham,Alabama like Keri Hilson ,Legaci , Lil wayne
and other rappers did to perform in the parking lot?
If he chooses to do so let all his bham fanz kno 1st

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- Please read some of the comments that we leave under the discussion tab. There are some good ones... and there are some irreverent ones but take some of them into consideration. I think it could improve Waka Flocka a lot. I know he talk to his fans on Twitter A LOT but he never get's on his website. The one place you would think he would because his fans look for some of the ideas they leave for him. I'm not complaining at all. I'm just saying cause I've being trying for 2 1/2 years to get a mention, Follow back, RT, favorite ect. from Flocka... I guess it ain't happening. But I do remain loyal and Tweet him every morning like he ask and tell him good morning, I partake in #FlockaNoon daily, and I tweet him every night before I go to bed just to say goodnight and I love you. I also say a lil pray for him everyday cause mane it's something getting in them planes everyday. Much love and respect to the whole monopoly. I love y'all and Waka Flocka dearly. (:

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i make beatsss for dah loww ! holla at me ! ma shit is fireee !

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beats for dah lowww $$$$$

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if u need beats holla at me !

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beats for saleee !

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i got dah beats on deck

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can somebody put a nig on

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flocka pleas give a nig a chance

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What up family, Hey hear ur goona b in Brunswick GA on 7/14, pls confirm passin thru that area around then can i get sum details??? Yo, da album is banging!!!!


waka flocka is my nigga